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Dear readers,


The summer has come to an end but it's still hot outside and Turkey continues to please you with the warm sea and beautiful weather. It doesn’t matter whether you are on vacation already or just planning it. You can read Holiday Magazin everywhere, it will never let you get bored and will help you make the right choice. The magazine contains a lot of useful information and advice for those who love to travel.


Tourism industry of Turkey constantly improves the quality of the hotels and services for the tourists, makes incredible investments, which is a great step for success in the future. With each year a number of tourists increases and new hotels keep opening on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts.


Turkey is not just a cheap getaway anymore, the level of such hotels as Titanic Hotels, IC Hotels, Delphin Hotels, World of  Wonders, Baia Hotels, World of Sunrise,  Majesty Hotels and many others exceed the tourists’ expectations and they come back here again and again. I hope your vacation will bring you positive emotions and Turkey will give you unforgettable impressions.


Thank you for reading our magazine. You can see our back and new issues in AppleStore and GooglePlay, and our website has many video reviews of the hotels, which can help you while making a decision about what hotel to stay at this year.

Have a great vacation!


Aylin KOÇ

General Manager

Holiday Medya Group


About Holiday Magazin

When HOLIDAY MAGAZIN came out in May of 2012 it immediately became popular among the tourists. It  covers a wide  variety of articles about travelling and tourism,  show business stars, as well  as special reports and news from around the world. The  readers can learn about success stories in tourism and hospitality industry,  they can find out about upcoming concerts and shows, get news from the music  and movies industry, learn about Turkish customs and the secrets of Turkish  cuisine. The magazine covers all facets of tourism and entertainment  industries.


HOLIDAY MAGAZİN is not  only your tour guide, but also a source of valuable information.


You can read HOLIDAY MAGAZIN as a hard copy, online and via AppStore and GooglePlay.






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